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What is DVBM?

DVBM is the name Professor Buteyko gave to his approach to normalise the breathing and reverse a diverse range of chronic diseases.

It is an acronym for the "Volitional Liquidation of Deep Breathing" in the Russian language.

In order to retain the original acronym, it has been anglicised to the "Deliberate Volitional Breathing Method".

Who are we? 

DVBM operates under the auspices of Learn Buteyko Online and facilitates its paid Buteyko Practitioner Services.

Practitioners that participate in the DVBM program work under the supervision of Vladimir Sukhonosov and Christopher Drake.

Vladimir, trained directly under Professor K.P. Buteyko and was awarded with his Buteyko Red Diploma after seven years of training in 1985, and later an Audit Diploma that qualified him to supervise and check the work of other Practitioners.

Christopher, trained under Alexander Stalmatski, Professor Buteyko's protege and was the first Westerner to be awarded with a Red Diploma after five years of training in 1995. 

Our Facilitators and Practitioners include those with years of experience in dealing with complicated situations and include Martha Roe, Marcelle Coleridge, Joseph Morrell, Javier Borda and Liora Friedman.




Private training for individuals and groups.

Subscription Services


Intermediate Training


Advanced Training




If you would like further information and or make a booking, please free to be in touch. 

Please feel free to join the Learn Buteyko Online Substack.
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